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About Us

Mitra US is software development company providing business solutions since 2002.
We specialize in:

Mobile Applications

We build robust and reliable mobile applications using Xamarin. Through years of experience, we have mastered the skill of writing single source code to build iOS and Android apps using Xamarin. Contact us to learn how you can leverage your existing code and talent to convert and build mobile apps.

Web Applications

Classic ASP to jQuery to React. Our team of experienced developers excel at a wide range of web development environments. Whether you are converting an existing intranet site or building a new Angular application, we can help you with your development needs.

Google OR Tools

Looking to optimize a construction schedule, food delivery, assembly line? Need to determine the min or max cost of set tasks? We can help. We use a combination of linear algebra and Google OR Tools to “crunch” data to answer these questions.

Data Analysis

Need to make sense of your big data? Develop reports for management? Need a dashboard to present data in a meaningful and actionable manner? With over 15 years of experience in data analysis, we have can help you navigate the dizzying options available in the market.

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Why MitraUS

We are techies without the scary techie talk. We believe in speaking plainly and clearly with our clients. We are a group of developers who love to see clients succeed. If we see that an application we have delivered is accepted by our client’s users, we feel like we have done our job. We do not build applications to learn something new, or to show flashy UI features, our sole goal is to build applications that fulfill a measurable business need.

MitraUS speciality

What sets us apart?


We believe that communication determines the success of a project. A software development project has many moving parts. The best way to ensure that there are no issues building in any of these parts is through clear, meaningful communication. We believe in exposing all issues and risks so that they do not have severe impact down the line.

Consultative Approach

We take a consultative approach to our projects. We take the time to understanding our client’s business before diving into building solutions. We believe that business comes before technology. Technology should ease business rather than burden business. Technology should add value to the final product rather than adding cost to it.

Client Business

Tremendous amount of time and effort is given in understanding a client’s business and project’s business goals and objectives. This helps with delivering not only a robust solution but also a product with real impact on client business’s bottom-line.

Nimble and Agile

We spend a considerable amount of resources in training our developers. Through this training we start building reliability and trust between all team members. It is this trust that we use to allow our developers to make quick decisions and not form barriers to development. This keep us nimble and agile.

Our Tech Process

The following are thought processes that are baked into our everyday culture:

Although these are simple and often quoted methods of software development, adhering to them can be quite challenging. At Mitra US we maintain a culture to ensure every team member is incorporating these tech values in their everyday work. This not only leads to successful projects but to also a friendly and healthy development team.

Our Products

Mitra US is software development company providing business solutions since 2002.

RezClock is a Resident Duty Hours tracking app that uses phone’s location technology to automatically clock medical residents in/out of clinical locations.
For medical residents, it eliminates the hassle of daily logging of duty hours.
For Program Directors, it means more timely data and greater compliance.

Real-time collaboration and workflow management for hospital personnel including Faculty, Interns, Residents, Nurses, Program Directors and GME Coordinators.

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